pib is a printable intelligent bot you can build in your classroom.

pib@school Goals

The initiative supports the educational goal to prepare young people for a digital future and to create enthusiasm for STEM professions.

Learning Contents

pib@school is an innovative learning platform for robotics, 3D printing and AI, offering students hands-on experience in these fields.

Examples of Use

Made for electives, P-/W-seminars and project days or weeks – recommended for 8th grade and up

Robotics at school made easy with pib

Who is pib@school for?

pib@school is for teachers who want to offer their students the chance to build and operate their own version of the humanoid robot pib – and even make it smart! Teachers are supported personally according to their individual needs and receive a guideline for their class.

How does it work?

pib@school follows a modular approach and can be seperated into different work packages and topics. Interdisciplinary contents from school subjects like informatics, physics, biology and even ethics are combined and implemented practically.

What do I need?

  • pib.Box
  • 3D-printer + filament
  • Internet access
  • Basic tool equipment
  • Power connection
  • Guideline

“pib inspires our students and teachers alike. A great
addition for our school to experience future technologies.”

Carsten Böckl, Headmaster Hans-Sachs-Gymnasium Nuremberg

pib@school offers numerous possibilities!

Why pib@school?

Contemporary learning of robotics, AI and 3D printing

Practical and exciting knowledge transfer

Get to know realistic fields of work and processes

Creating STEM enthusiasm

Digital media education

Reference project for image and advertising

Interdisciplinary learning of different teaching contents

Become part of an open source project

Soft skills training

Why pib@school?

Future topics robotics, AI and 3D printing

Practical and exciting knowledge transfer

Get to know realistic fields of work and processes

Contemporary learning of future disciplines

Reference project for image and advertising

Creating STEM enthusiasm

Soft skills training

Support and integration of pib.rocks

Become part of an open source project

Service packages for pib@school

We offer several packages to bring robotics to your school


pib.Box StarterSet

The pib.Box is a complete kit with all electronic, metal and motor components needed to build pib.

This package is suitable for those who already have basic knowledge.

With the pib.Box and the printed parts, you can get started right away and build your humanoid robot on your own.

€ 1,763.87*


pib.Box StarterSet

You still need tips or support with printing parts? Then pib.School is the right package for you. It consists of the pib.Box

+ 100h print support
+ 5h individual support
+ Guide
+ 5 tool pins
+ overview poster

€ 2,800*


For all teachers who are still learning about teaching robotics at school, we offer training in the areas of:

– 3D printing
– AI
– Machine Learning

Upon request

* Net price plus VAT

“As a participant in the pib (robotics) elective, I have had incredible experiences. We started 3D printing the parts and turned the digital designs into reality. Assembling the robot was fascinating as we gradually brought it to life. This was followed by the exciting phase of programming, where we implemented capabilities of the robot using appropriate algorithms. It was a unique experience to witness the entire process and marvel at a working robot at the end.”

Jakob, student at the Hans-Sachs-Gymnasium in Nuremberg, Germany

Interested? Get in touch!

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Anika Danner
Tel.: +49 911 21 77 38 75
E-Mail: team@pib.rocks

Anika Danner

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pib brings robotics & AI into the classroom

Promoting young talents is a big goal for us and starts early – unfortunately, schools and teachers are often left to their own when it comes to future-oriented topics such as robotics and AI. There is a lack of know-how, impulses or simply time to get deeper into these topics. With our initiative pib@school, we are making a contribution to introducing students to the topics of robotics and AI early and in a playful way. We want to help break down fears of contact and create enthusiasm for the MINT sector.

Through the different packages, depending on the initial situation, each school can take on these topics and combine the theoretical lessons with practical elements. Whether elective subject or in regular lessons: At the end of the project, the students have not only built their own robot, but also gained important know-how in 3D printing, mechanics and artificial intelligence.